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Angels in the Attic helps Women with children who have left abusive relationships and must start over with little or nothing to support their lives. We provide needed household necessities, food, and clothing to help them stand on their own two feet and avoid returning to a life of abuse. 1 in 3 women will experience some form of abuse in their lifetime from an intimate partner.

As a IRS certified 501c3 non-profit, Angels in the Attic seeks business and personal tax deductible donations to provide basic necessities such as clean bedding, dishes, cooking pots and pans, deposit assistance for housing & utilities, cell phone assistance and other home needs to help these women and families begin anew after leaving their abusive situations – often with only what they can carry. Most of these women not only face the financial burden of beginning a new household but also are charged with caring and providing for their children at the same time. All too often, these financial burdens are too great and they return to their abusive situation due to the economic hardship of starting over.

"1 in 3 women will experience some form of abuse from an intimate partner."

Our Mission

Helping Women & Children Leave Abusive Situations

Angels in the Attic mission is to provide some financial relief to women & children leaving abusive situations in a confidential and professional manner.

We do this by your generous help with donations and funding. While partnering with other local agencies and resources we can make a difference in our community one Survivor at a time.

"Your Generosity Makes This Possible."

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